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Product Highlights:

RT-12 is a two tone Hi-Fi class near-field full frequency loudspeaker system. The bass unit adopts DIF  R1275T-1, and the high pitch unit adopts DIF D145 high quality HIFI grade quality.
Under the rated condition, the loudspeaker power is measured to be 500 watts, and the peak music power can reach 1000W. In order to take into account the needs of listening to
high-quality music, singing and timely singing, we have developed and implemented the technology of variable frequency gain variable compensation. When singing, the accompaniment
music is soft, and the singer's voice is full and transparent. In the dance, the drum with heavy metal Madden wild surrounded, enough to let you enjoy the immersive HI. All this is
achieved without the subwoofer, which requires our high and low bass drivers themselves to have extraordinary qualities. Plus a good frequency division network design and selected
electronic components, of course, a solid box structure is also essential.

In order to effectively reduce the sharp and difficult sound emitted by the high frequency odd harmonics, we have carefully calculated and repeated the simulation experiments on the
thickness of the sound box, the size of the mesh, the coordination of the blasting sea cotton, so that the sound replay can achieve the best effect.

In the installation and hanging of products, our RT series of products have made all kinds of hanging installation accessories, not only convenient to install, but also effectively strengthen
the sturdy and safety of the structure of the box.

RT series products are suitable for all kinds of high-end bars, private clubs, private villas, restaurants, small multi-function rooms, etc.