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      ABOUT US

          British DIF (DIF PRO AUDIO) brand by London George. Ham was founded in 1978, 

            DIF brand focused on high-end speakers, is the world's top professional spea er manufacturers, 

              from the development of raw materials, speaker unit design and production, speaker design and production everything can be fully controlled in their own hands. 

                DIF speakers range from a wide range of services, including professional cinemas, large-scale sound engineering, large-scale mobile performances,

                   as well as entertainment such as Disney, dance halls, karaoke OK, bars and other civilian aspects, from the most advanced fever, 

                    As well as the most popular entertainment sound, everywhere you can see the DIF figure

  • RT-118
  • R10 Amplifier
  • DQ-12
  • DQ-15
  • DQ-10
  • RT-210
  • RS-10
  • RS-12