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                                    Technical data

Unit structure 1.75″×1Tweeter 12″×1Bass

Rated power    400W

Peak power      800W

Rated impedance    8Ω

Sensitivity         96dB1W/1M

Max sound SPL         126dB

Frequency response         50Hz-20KHz(±3dB)


Physical data  

Box structure  Positive trapezoidal cabinet

Box material    15MM multilayer birch plywood

Finish        Environmentally friendly water-based

Metal treatment     High temperature paint handling

Face mask Material Steel net+Spongedustnetwork/netcloth

Lifting way        19×M8 suspensionsings

Box size   360×600×400mm

Weight    25KG


Product Highlights   
High pitch DIF D3801H, high performance loudspeaker, strong magnetism and strong energy sense. It brings strong driving power and wide dynamic range to drive unit, and ensures high and medium frequency penetration, fine and soft.


High power long stroke drive unit with low frequency as a special large magnetic steel, DIF D1275H bass unit, carrying the magnetic circuit system of the air gap cooling technology (VGC), and keeping good heat dissipation effect in high power and long time use.


The designed frequency divider is designed by high order passive frequency divider network to minimize the overlap of the high and low frequency, optimize the performance of the voice part, and use the recoverable PTC protector.


The box is made of multi-layer high quality birch splint, and there are a number of stiffeners inside the box, which strengthens the overall stability of the box, and can effectively reduce the resonance of the box when working loudly.


Application scope:
The use of music in the high-end nightclubs, senior clubs, high-end bars, multi-function rooms and other places."