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By using the latest and most high-performance ADI five series processing chips on the market, the computing speed will be faster and more accurate, and the sound effect will also be greatly improved.

The computer software comes with professional level RTA spectrum display, making the whistling point more accurate and intuitive, and debugging more convenient!

Brief Description of Functions

Adopting the latest ADI five series chips, 64 Bit high-speed dual core DSP processor

The music channel has 9 PEQ stereo equalizers and automatically recognizes fiber optic audio digital inputs.

15 segment PEQ microphone with independent adjustment, full digital audio processing system, stereo DSP multiple digital reverberation, and more professional vocal effects.

Microphone noise reduction setting, independent pressure limit design; Shift frequency from 2Hz to 8Hz with optional feedback suppression and "OFF" option.

The effect channel is independently equipped with high and low pass, and reverberation and echo are respectively equipped with 5 parameter equalization (PEQ) functions.

Each output channel is equipped with 7 parameter equalization (PEQ) segments, high and low pass adjustment, mixing ratio, polarity, delay, voltage limit, and gain functions.

● Support VOD infrared interface control of machines.

Supporting RS232 connection to computer control machines, equipped with professional PC device management and control software.

Equipped with RTA spectrum display, it can more effectively locate the whistling frequency points, making whistling disappear without a trace.

The three-level engineering password locking function allows you to set the device locking level according to your usage needs.

It can store 9 sets of system modes, and the startup status is the last time the machine saved data.

technical parameter

Maximum input level of music port:+14dBu (4V RMS)

Maximum output level of output channel:+14dBu (4V RMS)

Music gain: 0dB,+3dB,+6dB (three options)

Microphone sensitivity: 64mV (Out: 4V)

Signal to noise ratio: > 90dB

Power supply: 220V/AC/50Hz

Size: 483 * 218.5 * 47.5mm

Net weight: 3.5KG