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R8 Amplifier

R8 Amplifier

R SERIES Amplifier


R SERIES Amplifier

Product Introduction:

1. Adopting a low leakage magnetic oxygen free copper ring transformer power supply, making the sound quality more dense, powerful, and durable to listen to, with strong and powerful low frequencies, deep diving, and delicate and soft high frequencies

2. Efficient class H power amplifier module

3. Signal sensitivity industry standard 0.775,1.4V, 26DB, 3rd gear selection

4. It has three working modes: stereo, mono, and bridging

5. Customized High Capacity Low Impedance Audio Professional Capacitor

6. Adopting a shovel tooth radiator, it has fast heat conduction and good heat dissipation, better ensuring the service life of the power amplifier

7. Designed for vocal singing, the signal coupling part adopts imported fever grade capacitors

8. Use well-known brand components, SMD and plug-in technology to greatly reduce the foundation make-up noise of the product

9. The surface mesh can be removed on its own, making maintenance easier

R8 parameters:

8 Ω output power: 850Wx2

4 Ω output power: 1275Wx2

8 Ω bridge: 2550W

Limiting protection: up to 10V

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz (± 0.3dB)

Input sensitivity: 0.775v/26/32dB

Total harmonic distortion:<0.05% @ 8 Ω 1KHZ

Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 108dB

Damping coefficient: ≥ 900

Intermodulation distortion: ≤ 0.02%

Installation space: 2U

Chassis size: 485 × four hundred and sixty × 88mm