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                                                                                                                                                                                                           Technical data  

Unit structure 4.5″×2(Tweeter)(Bass)  

Rated power 100W  

Peak power 300W  

Rated impedance 8Ω  

Sensitivity 92dB(1W/1M)  

Max sound SPL 115dB  

Frequency response 100Hz-20KHz(±6dB)   

Physical data  Box structure Positive trapezoidal cabinet  

Box material 15MM multilayer birch plywood  Finish Environmentally friendly water-based  Metal treatment High temperature paint handling  Face mask Material Steel net+Spongedustnetwork/netcloth  Lifting way  19×M8 suspension(sings)  

Box size 146x300x150mm  

Weight   3.7KG   

Product Highlights:   

•Birch plywood box, the surface is sprayed with imported water-based paint for protection,                                                                                                                                                                                                   

•Provide wall mounting bracket holes to increase SPL and reduce vertical radiation lobe width 

• Due to the excellent improvement of the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound, it is suitable for music and vocal processing in fixed installation places with large reverberation, and is used in outdoor performances, multi-function halls, stadiums, banquet halls, conference rooms and other places , Can show excellent speech intelligibility, and can process sound field sound effect point-to-point according to the scene.