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Behind the movie sound effects: the innovation and engineering of movie theater acoustics
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Source: Huicong light and sound network.
Since 1890s (1890s), the first movie has been screened since the advent of film technology. Since then, we have been deeply fascinated by the wide open world that movies have opened for us.
Film sound effect
Film sound effect

Images are often seen as the most direct sensory experience of human beings, but while receiving images, our brains also deal with sound to enrich, optimize and supplement the received information. In the case of complementary images and sounds, our brain can better understand what is happening around us.
Just as I was playing this article, I heard a coffee machine running and the collision of porcelain. Although I can not see the source of sound, these sound signals do exist to prove that I am working in a coffee shop using a computer.
Through hearing, our brain will analyze the space of the environment and the source of the sound. As a sound effect designer, we use voice design to lead the audience in the same scene. During the design period, we will make different sizes, such as the size of coffee shops. It can sound like a quiet and comfortable coffee shop, or a busy noisy cafe.
There are many different possibilities in the movie world. There was a person sitting in a coffee shop on the screen, but it was the sound of the cafe's environment, the voice of the people behind him, the sound of typing, and perhaps some jazz. Sound design can really bring different atmosphere to the scene.
In recent years, different manufacturers have developed new technologies, and sound engineers have more space and freedom to design soundscape. Nowadays, there are immersive sound system formats, and sound engineers and movie producers give more choices and flexibility to mix production. Therefore, now the voice can have more room to play, so that the sound scene designed by the sound engineer can be distributed to every corner of the room.

The innovation and engineering behind the sound effect of the film
The innovation and engineering behind the sound effect of the film

For example, through Dolby's panorama and DTS:X, we can set different sounds in different positions in the room with discrete coordinates, and use technology to adjust its proportion to different sizes of rooms, so that the sound can be reproduced in the corresponding position.
The difference between the Auro 11.1 and the Dolby panorama is that the Auro 11.1 has a higher layer of loudspeakers that can make a closer sound field, as the audience is surrounded by the sound of the hemisphere.
These two technologies are quite different, but each of them has the ability to create different experiences for the audience.
The innovation and engineering behind the sound effect of the film
The innovation and engineering behind the sound effect of the film

For filmmakers and spectators, the evolution and progress of the development of audio technology can make sound technology enter the golden age.
The best way to support and experience sound engineers' works and achievements is to experience them in a movie theater. Although there are many home audio systems nowadays, the cinema can still bring no experience to the audience because it is carefully designed and adjusted by engineers.
When we design the theater, when we set up a movie theater, engineers will install new systems for cinemas to meet the requirements, so that the audience can get a better experience.
The first is to start with the projection. Use larger screen to make sure that the projector is more accurate to the right position, and to get the best light and color to the best level.
The second is to start with the sound, the loudspeaker will be installed and more accurate to the most accurate position to ensure that the audience has the best hearing and enjoy every detail designed by the sound engineer. The cinema's room needs to be treated with acoustics so that the sound wave can be transmitted in the room, without too much reflection or absorption, so that the audience can hear the most true, most original sound.
The third is to start with special effects. Take the 5D cinema as an example, the 5D theater is using the special seat effect and the special effect of the environment, with the super realistic visual feeling with the special and stimulating effect synchronously, the simulation scene and the special organ set up to imitate the actual events, in producing the vivid and lifelike stereoscopic picture, with the plot change along with the plot change. It simulates a variety of special effects such as lightning, wind, frost, rain and snow, explosion shock and so on. It integrates visual, hearing, smell, touch and motion into a perfect combination, so that the audience can participate in it and integrate into the plot wholeheartedly, and experience the illusory simulation and the thrilling situation.
In order to meet the demand of 5D theater for the reduction of sound effects, the British PROBASSCO launched the BF series of 5D cinema speakers. The BF series sound box is made with the Italy original high tone unit and the famous Spanish loudspeaker manufacturer for its tailored bass unit, combined with the world's top electronic frequency division components, using a rigorous and exquisite manufacturing process. With humanized design as the starting point, the sound and sound quality is excellent, its beautiful, enchanting exterior and excellent sound quality can be used in any occasion, and it is in perfect agreement with the modern decoration style.

Although today's home stream technology is changing rapidly, movies can be easily enjoyed at home, but the cinema is still a place specially designed for movie shows. Therefore, the design of the cinema can maintain a high standard and bring the best movie experience to the audience.