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How the user needs to be solved after AV's integration with IT
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In recent years, with the development of technology such as big data, cloud computing and Internet of things, the AV system has been transformed from the traditional operation mode to the whole scheme application. The deep fusion of professional AV and IT and the IP development of transmission have become the consensus of the industry. From AV to IT, and then to IP, many new changes have taken place in the industry of signal transmission and control.

After the fusion of AV and IT, the advantages of IP are highlighted. Compared with the traditional AV matrix switching, the IP network transmission is much more flexible, more expansible, and much lower in cost. Although most of the manufacturers have joined the IP camp, and IP orientation of the future technical direction of the company, a few people have a prejudice against the IP, and believe that the delay and the reduction of image quality are absolutely intolerable, and finally choose fiber transmission.

WL-1000M digital wireless conference control system host

Therefore, solving the problems of signal compression, decompression, speed and efficiency of transmission has become the top priority for manufacturers. Of course, the development of technology is not easy, all kinds of IP transmission schemes in the market are good, after all, the absolute "zero" delay, "zero" packet loss, "zero" loss for the current network transmission is too harsh.

The demands of users on AV/IT mainly focus on three aspects:

Users want to build AV systems on existing network facilities, instead of re building a network and equipment system to run independently. The latter undoubtedly adds a lot of duplication of work and cost to the enterprise.

To achieve unified remote control of different devices, IT and AV departments no longer need to pinch each other for different systems' security, settings and changes.

Network security must be guaranteed. In the previous important departments, such as government, national defense, emergency command and so on, in order to avoid the security problems that may arise from the network, the AV and IT are usually isolated or used in a simple and rough way, but now it is necessary to realize the linkage between the users' supervision and management at any time and the security of the network We must pay more attention to it.

The enterprise should have the foresight horizon and adjust the development strategy in time in order to maintain continuous development or leap forward in the fast changing new era. Who can grasp the development trend of the industry and take the east wind, quickly realize the innovation of product system and service model, solve the actual demand of the customers, who is the future win.  Home!